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How to send Homeowners a Walkthrough survey
How to send Homeowners a Walkthrough survey

Find out how to get started with Anow Walkthrough and how to get homeowners to help contribute to the process!

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If you're new to Anow Walkthrough and want to figure out where to find the Walkthrough survey, you're in the right place! 

First, choose any appraisal from your main dashboard and scroll down to the Contacts section of the details page. When you've got a Contact For Access entered (the homeowner), a button will show saying Get Started! 

Clicking Get Started will reveal a new area where you can choose if you want to remove any sections from the Walkthrough survey you send to this homeowner. By default, all of the sections will be included. 

You can send the survey link to the homeowner's email address, and we'll text them (In Canada only) if there's a phone number entered.

They will get an email with the subject line: Your appraiser needs your help - Walkthrough requested. When they're ready to perform the walkthrough, they can click the Let's Get Started button to launch the survey. 

Note: Homeowners can perform the walkthrough on their mobile device, or on their desktop computer by uploading the appropriate images. 

If the homeowner says they never received an email, you can always come back to the details page and click Send survey again above the name of the Contact for Access. 

Check out our other articles on Anow Walkthrough if you or the homeowners want more information on how to use this feature! 

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