What are Office Members?

Get the information on the appraisals you care about, without having to search through your entire company's list of orders.

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When you add Members to an office profile in Anow, the office filter on the main orders list page (dashboard) will default to this office for those people. This is valuable for the companies that have multiple office profiles and want to narrow down the results on their appraisal dashboard.

Start by clicking your name in the top right corner and choosing the Account option from the menu.

Pick the office profile that you want to add a Member for and click + Add Members. If you already have a Member assigned to an office and want to add more, click where it shows the number of members.

Check the box next to the people you want to add as Members for this office, and click Save! For this example, John Jacobsen has been set up as a Member for the AppraiserCO office:

Now when John Jacobsen logs into Anow or goes to the main dashboard with the full list of appraisals, he'll see the filter for AppraiserCO office turned on by default. This means John will only see the orders for the AppraiserCO office on his main list, unless he removes the filter.

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