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Appraiser Scorecards: Get detailed performance stats at a glance
Appraiser Scorecards: Get detailed performance stats at a glance

With Appraiser Scorecards, you can see your average turn-time, number of completed orders, and Revision Request % in seconds! πŸ“‹

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This revolutionary feature allows you to get detailed statistics on your performance, or if you're an Admin or Owner, you can monitor the performance of your entire team, in just a few clicks!

Appraiser Scorecards are available as part of the Anow Accelerate add-on package. If you're interested in learning more about Accelerate and how to turn on the Appraiser Scorecards feature, contact our friendly support team anytime πŸ˜ƒ

  1. Click your name in the top right corner and choose the Users tab from the menu

  2. Pick the appraiser you want to see statistics for from the team list

  3. When the user profile loads, click the Scorecard tab

The first thing you'll see is a collection of key metrics that you can easily check anytime. The date ranges available for these totals include Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days and All Time. .

Lower down on the Scorecard page you'll see a Historical Breakdown for the appraiser. You can group the information by Week, Month or Year. In this screenshot, it is broken down by Month:

The Historical Breakdown includes the following data:

  • Total Completed

  • On Time %

  • Accept to Complete (Days)

  • Assigned to Accepted (Days)

  • Inspected to Upload (Days)

  • Accepted to Upload (Days)

  • Decline %

  • Reviewer Revisions

  • Reviewer Revision Rate

  • Revision Turn Around Time

Clicking on any of the Grouped By lines will reveal individual orders and the data specifically for each order. Since I've chosen to Group By Month, for this example I've clicked on the April 2020 line. You can see the 3 unique orders and the relevant information for each:

Please note that the Appraiser Scorecard data is updated on a nightly basis, so each morning when you login you'll see the updated information from the day before.

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