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Client Scorecards ⭐️

Find out who your most valuable clients are in seconds with the new Client Scorecard feature.

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The Client Scorecard is a brand new tool designed to help you generate time-based statistics on your clients. Find out who's bringing you the most revenue

Client Scorecards are available as part of the Anow Accelerate add-on package. If you're interested in learning more about Accelerate and how to turn on the Client Scorecards feature, contact our friendly support team anytime 😃

Go to the Clients tab in Anow and click on the person or company that you want to see a Scorecard for. On the window that appears, click the Scorecard tab.

You can have the Scorecard generate data from the Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days or All Time.

This is a small preview of the Client Scorecard when it's set for the Last 30 Days:

On the Client Scorecard you'll see all of the following data:

  • # Completed

  • On Time %

  • Acceptance to Completion (Days)

  • Assigned to Accepted (Days)

  • Inspection to Completion (Days)

  • # Reviewer Revisions

  • # Client Revisions

  • Reviewer Revision Rate

  • Client Revision Rate

  • Revision Turn Around Time

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