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How do I set up Order Lifecycle Rules?
How do I set up Order Lifecycle Rules?

Anow can help you simplify the order acceptance, inspection, and completion processes with custom rules.

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Go to the Account section of Anow, then click the Rules tab.

You can create rules for each of the following categories:

1. Order Acceptance

2. Inspection Complete

3. Outstanding Order

4. Marking Complete

Each individual rule has a checkbox next to it; if you want to turn on this rule for your company, click the box next to that rule. The box will turn blue letting you know it's active.

You have the ability to increase or decrease the hours in each rule where you see these fields:

Outstanding Order > "At Risk" Rule

The "At Risk" rule in the Outstanding Orders section comes with a new dashboard filter and flag on the order. For this example, I've set my "At Risk" rule so that if 1 hour passes after the appointment date/time without any updates on the order, it will be marked as being "At Risk".

Please Note: When using the "At Risk" rule, ensure that the order has an assignee and remember that the address of the order plays into the timezone of the appointment date.

There's a new filter on your appraisal dashboard called At Risk. Any of my appraisals that haven't gotten an update within an hour of the appointment date/time passing will be flagged accordingly and will show up when I click on this filter.

Anow Pro Tip: Customize the filters you see on the main order list, including the new At Risk filter.

Any orders with a red badge on them are included in the "At Risk" category. The assigned appraiser on the order will also get an email notification letting them know that the order is now considered "At Risk" and requires an update.

Once an update has been made to an “At Risk” order (for example, if the final report is uploaded or any other appraisal adjustments are made), the order will no longer be flagged as “At Risk” or be included in that filter.

Order Lifecycle Rules are a part of the Anow Accelerate experience. Contact our support team via live chat, email or by phone if you have any questions!

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