Advanced Office Management Tools

For teams with multiple locations, the Advanced Office Management features will help you save time and automate existing processes.

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When you have multiple office profiles on your Anow account, you have the option to set up Routing Rules and add Members for each office to help keep your team organized.

To learn more about setting up multiple office profiles, click here!

Routing Rules

Routing Rules let you determine how orders are automatically routed to every office on the new appraisal form.

Begin by clicking your name in the top right corner of your screen and choose the Account option from the menu. You'll be redirected to the Offices page where you'll see all of the office profiles currently set up for your company. Click where it says Add Routing Rules next to the office of your choice.

A window will appear where you can enter any State or Province (depending on the Country of the selected office). For this example, I've entered California. Going forward, any appraisals I add into Anow that are in California will automatically have this office appear on the new appraisal form, and on the details page once the order has been created.

Once you've added Routing Rules for an office, you'll see it says Routing Rules Enabled next to this office profile and if you hover over it you can see the associated State/Province. You can add or remove States/Provinces any time.

Add Members

When you add Members to an office profile in Anow, they will only receive notifications regarding orders from that office.

Start by clicking your name in the top right corner and choosing the Account option from the menu.

Pick the office profile that you want to add a Member to and click + Add Members. If you already have a Member assigned to an office and want to add more, click where it shows the number of members.

Check the box next to the people you want to add as Members for this office, and click Save! For this example, John Jacobsen has been set up as a Member for the AppraiserCO office and going forward he will only get notified about orders from this office.

That's all there is to it!

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