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Simplify and streamline the process of adding new canned fees in Anow.

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If you're always having to add a certain type of fee to appraisals in Anow (a tech fee or driving fee, for example) and you don't want to have to manually set up the fee each time, Canned Fees are a great way to speed up the process!

To set up a Canned Fee go to your Account then select the Company Settings tab. Scroll down to the bottom where you see the Canned Fees header and click the green Add button. Simply enter the fee title, fee amount and click Add.

*Add as many Canned Fees as you want!

For this example, I've entered a Tech Fee for $35:

Next, go to the details page for any order and look for the Fees & Costs section. Here you can see I already have a Report Fee of $300, but I also need to add my Tech Fee of $35.

  1. Click Add Fee

  2. Click the blue arrow next to the Description line

  3. Choose the fee from the dropdown menu, in this case, "Tech Fee"

  4. Click Save

Now you'll see the Report Fee we already had, plus the new Tech Fee we just added using the Canned Fee feature! The total for this example has come to $335 ($35 for the Tech Fee, $300 for the Report Fee).

You can add as many Canned Fees and fee line items to an order as you'd like!

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