When you have access to the Revenue Goals tools in Anow, you'll see a new tab appear along the menu of your screen called Goals:

This is a preview of the Goals page. By default you'll see the data for the current month, but you can adjust that to Last Month or 2 Months Ago. You'll see visual representations of how close you are to your goals for Revenue, # of Completed Orders and # of New Orders Created, along with the percentage complete for each goal.

Anytime you've met a goal, you'll see a blue badge that says 🎉 Goal Hit!

To manage your company Goals, click the wheel icon on the right of the page near the date filters.

This will reveal a window where you can add the following Company Goals:

  • Revenue (Total Report Fees)

  • Number of Completed Orders

  • Number of New Orders Created

If you have any questions about Goals or just want to learn more about Anow, feel free to reach out to our friendly support team!

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