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Map View

There's a new set of icons on the left side of your main order screen under the Orders header: List view and Map view.

The Map view is a cool new update that lets you see all of your appraisals and utilize the filters you know and love from the orders dashboard. With a click of the toggle you can see geographically where each of your orders are, and you always have easy access to a quick view of all order details. And bonus - you never have to worry about having too many orders or slowing the map down. We've built this feature to be fast and reliable. Check out this account, they have over 500 orders listed!

In the screenshot below I have a total of 27 orders being represented on the map. You'll notice that in some areas you just see a black circle with a number. In this example, I have "4" by New York City. This means that I have 4 orders that are pretty close together in this area.

If you click on the black circle with the number, or if you zoom in on the map, you'll see each of the individual appraisals appear with their own mark on the map:

Each order will be represented by a pin on the map, and to keep things simple, that pin will have the same color as the status of the order. In other words,

  • In Progress = Blue

  • On Hold = Orange

  • Cancelled = Grey

  • Complete = Green

The Map view also has the same filters and search capabilities as the regular List view. The Map view will automatically adjust to show you only orders that fit the chosen filter(s). To remove a filter, click on the filter again and it will reset.

Clicking on any of the points on the map will reveal a slide out panel with some of the order details including the assigned appraiser and reviewer, file number, report type, and report fee. You can select the green Go to Order Details button anytime to go to the full details page for that appraisal.

Attach files, upload final reports, send order messages and notes, and update contact information all in this area by clicking the relevant tab on the panel menu.

Go back to the List view anytime by clicking on the list icon to the left of your screen.

Quick View

The List view option shows the order dashboard where all of your appraisals are listed. This is the view that you're used to seeing in Anow.

When you hover over an appraisal in the List view, a Quick View button will appear.

Clicking Quick View will reveal a new panel to the right of your screen with an overview of the appraisal, the order details list, a simple map view, attachments, messages and notes, and contact details.

New Dashboard Filters

There are 2 brand new filters available on the dashboard:

  1. Appointment Today

  2. Appointment Tomorrow

These new filters are available on both the Map and List view under the Open section of filters.

Click on either "Appt Today" or "Appt Tomorrow" to see the relevant files. The Map view will automatically adjust to show you only orders that fit the chosen filter(s). Click on the filter again to reset/remove the filter. For this example, I'm using the Map view and "Appt Today" filters to see where I have an appointment scheduled for today:

Our friendly support team is available via live chat if you have any questions!

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