To make tracking and storing your appraisals online even better, we've added a couple of new fields on the Appraisal Details page.

Under the map there are three new lines:

  1. Map Reference

  2. Census Tract

  3. APN (Parcel Number)

Add information by selecting Click to set next to the field you want to update.

Edit existing details any time by clicking on the information that's underlined in blue.

Next, look for the Appointment Date area. Scroll down a bit and you'll see three more new fields:

  1. Gross Taxes

  2. Last Sold Date

  3. Assessed Value

Please Note: These can all be edited the same way that the previous three fields were.

The Activity Feed will also update accordingly for each of the six new fields when they are set, updated or removed.

Please contact our support team if you have any further questions 😊

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