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New Appraisal Details Field: Property Subtypes
New Appraisal Details Field: Property Subtypes

You can now add and manage Property Subtypes, and search by this field as well!

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Manage Property Subtypes

In the Account > Company Settings section, there's a new managed list called Property Subtypes. Property Types is an existing list, but with this new subtypes list you can add even more detail and context to the property you're appraising.

For example, if I select "Residential" for the property type field, I might also want to use "Single Family" for the property subtype to give more detail.

To add a new property subtype to the list, enter the subtype into this box and click add:

Please note that you can add as many property subtypes as you want.

To delete a property subtype, hover over the line you want to remove and click the trash can icon.

Now when you go to the details page for any appraisal you have in Anow, you'll see a new field titled Property Subtype below the Property Type.

When setting a value for this field you'll see a list of all the subtypes that have been added to the Account > Company Settings page.

Select the subtype you want and click the green check mark to set the field.

You can change this field any time by clicking the subtype underlined in blue, ("Single Family" in this example), and following the same selection process we just went through.

Property Type and Subtype on the Main Dashboard and Quick View Panel

On the main dashboard with your list of appraisals, you'll see a new column: Property Type. If you've set the property subtype on a particular order, it will show below the regular property type on the dashboard.

For example, here I see "Residential" as the property type and "Multi-Family" as the subtype.

The Quick View panel will also show a field for the property subtype.

You can search for any order based on the property subtype from your main appraisal list.

The list of appraisals you see will narrow down to just the ones with the property subtype you search for.

Historical Import Property Type and Property Subtype

Property Type and Property Subtype are now options in the Make a Selection dropdown on the historical imports tool.

When the historical import is done and the imports are showing on your dashboard, property type and subtype values will be shown, when applicable.

For example, here I see "Residential" as the property type and "Duplex" as the subtype on the first order listed.

You can also search based on the property subtype for any imported order.

For all of the details on the Import Tool and how to upload your historical data into Anow, click here!

Please contact our support team via live chat if you have any further questions πŸ˜€

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