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User Details Order Statistics

Get more details, including the number of open and completed orders, on each Anow user at a glance!

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To start, go to the Users table and select the user you want to see the full details for. At the top of the page you'll see there are two new pieces of information:

  • Number of Open Orders

  • Number of Completed Orders

You can click where it says "Open Orders" or "Completed Orders" to go to the main order list with the relevant filters applied.

Example - Open Orders

If I click on "Open Orders" from the user details area, the dashboard will open with the appropriate appraiser filter on, and only New / In Progress orders will be shown.

Example - Completed Orders

I click on "Completed Orders" in the user details for Brenda Smith. I'm taken to the main appraisal list and I can see that the filters are on so that only orders assigned to Brenda are showing, and only orders in a Completed status.

Please Note:

  • You won't be able to click on "Open Orders" or "Completed Orders" from the user page if you are using the old appraisal dashboard view.

  • These user order statistics will only appear for users that can be assigned to an order in Anow. In other words, it is hidden for non-assignable users such as Data Entry staff or Assistants.

Contact our support team via live chat, email or by phone if you have any questions! 😄

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