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How do I set a Due Date on an order in Anow?
How do I set a Due Date on an order in Anow?

Take a look at the newly updated Due Date field and see what's changed!

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Appraisal Details Page

As a reminder, this is what you'd see when you set the Due Date field on the details page prior to these new changes:

Please Note! The actual functionality of scheduling a Due Date has not changed in any way. We have only simplified the process and made it easier to pick the date and time separately πŸ˜ƒ

Select the order you want to add a due date for, and select Click to set underneath the Due Date icon.

Here is where you'll see the improvements we've made to this area. This new pop up window lets you pick the date and time, individually. Click Set when you're ready to set the due date.

Please Note: The time for due dates will default to 5:00pm. Click the time to change it, if necessary.

When you've confirmed the date and time, it will appear in blue text on the details page going forward.

You'll also see an event on the Calendar for this due date:

You can change the date or time by selecting the current due date (shown in blue text) and entering in the new details. Click "Save" when you're done.

To delete a due date entirely, click "Clear" and then save the changes.

The Activity Feed will update with a new event whenever a due date is set, changed or cleared.

New Appraisal - Long Form

Prior to these updates, this is what the Due Date field on the create new appraisal form looked like:

This is what the Due Date field looks like now. As you can see there's two fields: one for the date and one for the time. This allows you to be much more specific when setting due dates from the new appraisal form.

Due Dates here behave the same way as they do on the appraisal details page mentioned earlier.

  • The default time will be 5pm.

  • The event will also appear accordingly on the Calendar tab in Anow.

If you have any other questions please contact our support team via live chat, by email or by phone!

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