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Mobile App Tour (iOS)
Mobile App Tour (iOS)

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When you open up the Anow mobile app the first thing you see is the Home screen. On the Home page you see:

  • Upcoming appointments

  • Orders needing an appointment set

  • List of new appraisals

  • Number of in progress, rush and overdue orders

  • Any unread notes and order messages

Order Details

The order details you see on the mobile app are the same as what you'd get on the regular desktop version of Anow. By clicking on any appraisal from the Home screen, Calendar or Appraisals tabs you can see, add, edit or remove the following information:

Anow Pro Tips:

  • Click on the map view to zoom in and get an even more detailed look at where you're going.

  • Use the Directions and Call buttons to get the information you need in seconds from the map or your client.

  • Check out the different sections of the details page including Tasks, Notes, Messages and Files.

Please Note: Anything you update on the mobile app will sync back to the Anow desktop application and vice versa.


The next tab is the Calendar where you'll be able to see all of your upcoming events.

Select the filter icon in the top left corner to narrow down the results you see. Change the calendar view from a schedule to a weekly view, and filter by assignee or event type.

Anow Pro Tips:

  • You can SEE custom events on the mobile app calendar.

  • You can CREATE appointment dates and due dates on the mobile app calendar.

Clicking on the month will reveal a mini 30-day calendar so you can navigate to any specific day that you want.


The Appraisals tab is next, and this is where you can find a list of appraisals that are stored in Anow. Search for appraisals using the search bar or click the plus sign (+) in the top right corner to add a new appraisal.

You can filter the appraisal list by the assigned appraiser, the status of the order, or by workflow task.


If you want to use the Inspection feature on our mobile app, please contact our support team for help getting set up πŸ˜ƒ

When the Inspection feature is enabled, you'll see the option to "Start Inspection" on the order details page.

When you click "Start Inspection" you'll be taken to a different screen where you can actually begin working on the inspection. Add photos, document the property type and any notes, describe the exterior and interior, sketch the property, and so much more.

Please Note: When you're finished with an inspection, you can click on the check mark in the top right corner to mark it as complete.

Clicking on the Inspections tab in the menu will show you the list of all the inspections that have been started.


The final tab, More, gives you easy access to:

  • All order messages and notes

  • Client list

  • Permissions (including syncing your calendar, location monitoring and notifications to your phone)

  • Notification settings

  • User profile details

  • Help & Support details - Your Network Activity Log appears in this section. Click here to learn more!

  • Logout

If you have any other questions please contact our support team!

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