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What is the daily "What's Happening" email?

Planning your day has never been easier! Keep reading to find out how you can get daily reminders on the most important tasks & appraisals.

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To turn on the daily "What's Happening" email:

  1. Go to the My Preferences > Notifications page

  2. Turn on the toggle (when it's green you'll know it's turned on, like in the screenshot attached below)

  3. Click Save

What's included in the daily "What's Happening" email?

  • Appointments - Appraisals with appointments today

  • Due Dates - Appraisals due today

  • Needs Appointment - Any appraisals that don't have an appointment date set

  • Appraisals Not Started - Any orders that haven't been Started yet

  • Overdue - Any orders in an Overdue status

  • Revisions Required - Any orders requiring a revision

Please note: The "What's Happening" email is only sent on week days.

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