Begin by going to the My Preferences section of your account, then choose the My Dashboard tab.

By default all of the columns listed will be included in your dashboard, but you can click on the "x" next to any field you no longer want to see there. You can also drag and drop the Active Fields into any order that you'd like.

If you have a Hidden Field that you'd like to shown on your dashboard again, just click the "+" next to that field.

There's an Order Dashboard Preview directly above the field picker that will update accordingly and in real time based on the active and hidden fields you've chosen and their order.

At the bottom of the page you have the option to Reset Filters easily with just one click. You can change these settings or reset back to the default anytime.

If you aren't seeing all of the columns in the preview or on your dashboard but you have them selected as an Active Field, now you can adjust your column widths!

To configure dashboard field widths, select the field in the Active selections dropdown list and set a minimum and maximum width.

Once you're happy with your settings, go back to the main order dashboard and you'll see all of the changes reflected.

Feel free to send a live chat or email to our friendly support team if you have any other questions 😄

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