"Don't Notify Anyone" Notes Setting

You can now add silent notes to orders in Anow! Find out how you can limit e-mail notifications for every note.

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In the Order Notes section there is an option to not notify anyone for each individual note that's added, regardless of whether or not E-mail Notification Preferences are turned on for new notes.

For example, you might be on a team of appraisers and have admins who help with scheduling and order management. You might want to leave a note for your own reference and not want everybody with access to this order to get notified about that new note with an email.
Type out your note and select Don't notify anyone before adding.

Once the note is added it will appear listed with a Silent tag next to it. This means that no e-mail notifications were sent out regarding this note. You can edit and delete silent notes anytime.

Please Note: Don't notify anyone and Only visible to admin staff can be selected simultaneously, but neither of those can be selected at the same time as Notify Connect users.

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