How does it work?

When you open a map page for a particular report in Nexus for the first time, select any of the map pages in your report. Next, click Generate my map now to get started.

A map view will be generated based on the property address for this report.

  • Aerial Map: Only the Subject Property details will appear on the map.

  • Location Map: Any Comparables added to this report will also appear on the map along with the Subject Property details.

Please Note: If you add new Comparable after you've already saved a map, you will have to click "Edit Map" and save it again in order for the new Comp to appear.

This is a preview of an Aerial Map:

This is an example of a Location Map that's been generated:

To zoom in and out on the map while in editing mode, click the plus and minus icons accordingly.

To reset the map view to what it was when it was first generated, click the Reset icon towards the upper left of the map.

Look for the Helpful Tools & Tips section a bit further down in this article for more details on how to customize your map pages.

When you're happy with the map and how it looks, click Save Map on the right of the page.

Please Note: If you do not save your map after generating, it will not appear when you go back to the map page later; you will need to generate a new map again.

Saving will lock in this map view unless you decide to remove it or change it. A copy of the map image will also be saved to your Image Gallery.

Remove Map and Edit Map options are available after you save. Just hover over the existing image and the buttons will appear. Make any necessary changes to your map and click "Save Map" again when you're done. You can continue editing this map as often as you need.

Please Note: When you generate and save an Aerial Map, the Location Map will not automatically be added as well (and vice-versa). You must create them each individually.

Helpful Tools & Tips

  • All location points are moveable on the map - On the map pages in Nexus you can now drag and drop the location anywhere on the map.

  • All informational bubbles are moveable
    Please Note: Changing the location of an information bubble will not sync across maps because each map is separate from the other, and it is assumed that each map has a different purpose.

  • The Edit Map icon gives you options to customize some settings on the Location Map page:
    - Display full address (city, state, zip)
    - Display distance between the comparable and subject property
    - Display sale price
    - Display thumbnail of comparable
    - Primary color bubble setting
    - Text font size

  • Use Edit Map icon on Aerial Map pages to customize text size and the primary color of information bubbles.

  • Photos can be shown in the informational bubbles
    - Subject: Set photo on Title page
    - Comparables: Set photo on Comps page

Please Note: If you add photos after you've already saved a map, you will have to click "Edit Map" and save it again in order for the photos to appear in the relevant bubble.

Contact our friendly support team if you're interested in learning more about Nexus, or click here to read more!

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