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Reports Now™: Maps

Find out how to use, customize and save your map pages in Reports Now™.

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How does it work?

When you open a map page for a particular report in Reports Now™ for the first time, select any of the map pages in your report. Next, click Create with Map Builder to get started. Have an image on computer already? Click on Browser on Computer to find your own image on your computer and import that as your map instead. Clicking on Pick from work files will allow you to access your stored files for the report, if your own map has been saved there, you can retrieve it for use in your report.

Once you are ready to create your map, you will be presented with a map view that is centered around the subject property. You will notice a window around that area that is outlined in a white box. This is the area of the map that you will "capture" and use as your map image. You can move the window around, zoom in, zoom out, change the map type, and other other information to it by using the toolbar above the map. Once you have it the way you want, click on the green button with the camera icon.

Next, you will be presented with a map preview screen. This lets you take a final look at your created map, before posting it to your specified map page on your report. Using the drop down tool, you can select the page you want to send it to. Keep in mind, only the map page that you had previously selected will appear, otherwise it will give the option to create a new map page on the report. When ready, click the green "save button" and your map page will be generated.

Please Note: If you do not save your map to your report page after creation, it will not appear when you go back to the map page later; you will need to create a new map again.

Please Note: If you add new Comparable after you've already saved a map, you will have to click "Change" or "Remove Photo" and then create a new map in order for the new Comp to appear.

This is a preview of an Aerial Map:

This is an example of a Location Map that's been created:

To zoom in and out on the map while in the Map Builder mode, you can use the your mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Or you can use the plus and minus buttons on the toolbar itself.

To center the subject property on the map, click on the icon that looks like a house. This will bring the subject property to the middle of the map, no matter how editing has been done.

Look for the Helpful Tools & Tips section a bit further down in this article for more details on how to customize your map pages.

When you create and save an Aerial Map, the Location Map will not automatically be added as well (and vice-versa). You must create and save them individually. You can easilly switch between which type of map you want to work on in the Map Builder by clicking on the Page Type icons. This will let you jump from one to other without having to go back to the report page to click on the type of map you want.

Please Note: Before switching the page type, make sure you capture and save your previous map to it's appropriate report page.

Helpful Tools & Tips

  • All informational bubbles are moveable. Simply click and drag the informational bubble to adjust its position. A line will be drawn to the subject or comparable, connecting it to the information bubble as you move it.
    Please Note: Changing the location of an information bubble will not sync across maps because each map is separate from the other, and it is assumed that each map has a different purpose.

  • The tool bar in the Map Builder allows you do the following:
    - Change the page type from Location Map to Arial Map quickly
    - Change the map styles to over different perspectives

    - Chose whether or not to display your comparables

    - Zoom in and out of the map to focus on your work area

    - Quickly center the subject property on the map

  • Photos can be shown in the informational bubbles
    - Subject: Set photo on Title page
    - Comparables: Set photo on Comps page

Please Note: If you add photos after you've already saved a map, you will have to create a new map and save it again in order for the photos to appear in the relevant bubble.

Contact our friendly support team if you're interested in learning more about Reports Now™, or click here to read more!

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