When you're working on an open form in Nexus, you'll notice an "A" icon on the toolbar. Click it to reveal a series of buttons that give you the freedom to edit the color, formatting and alignment of the text, along with the text size.

Please Note: Text sizes only go up to a maximum of 34. This is so that the text still fits without changing the layout of the form itself. For example, I've set the text size to 34 (the biggest it can be in Nexus), and added a Borrower name; you can tell that if the text was any larger, it wouldn't work with the current formatting of the form and would go below the designated Borrower field.

You can set the size and formatting for each individual field that needs to be filled in on a form. For this example, I want to change the line on my report that shows my company name and make it stand out a bit more. This is what it looks like without any editing:

I'll set it to a larger text size, make it bold and center the alignment. It's incredibly easy to use and makes a visual impact on the overall look of your report!

Changing the color of text makes a huge visual impact, and also helps anyone reading the report locate important information faster. In the screenshot below I've changed the color of the subject address text to blue. It clearly stands out compared to the addresses entered for Comparable Sale #1 and #2.

The text editing tools are available for all pages within the actual form itself. For this example it's a 1004 URAR and all of the individual pages (Subject Info, Sales Comparison, etc.) are editable.

Please Note: Text editing and formatting tools cannot be used on pages like the Title page. The icon on the toolbar will be disabled when it'

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