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Upload and Apply Signature in Reports Now™
Upload and Apply Signature in Reports Now™

There's now an option to apply your signature directly to the forms you work on in Reports Now™.

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When a report has been completed in Reports Now™ click Sign Report located at the very top of your page, just to the left of your initials and the Export PDF button.

This window will open prompting you to select whether you're the appraiser or a supervisor, then upload a file of your signature or draw your own.

Please Note: Under the Choose header, it will prompt you to select your own saved signature(s), or any signatures that have been created and set as shared with the company.

When you create a new signature, you must enter a 4-digit PIN to save and access this signature again in the future. Use something that you can easily remember! Please keep in mind that we do not store the PIN details, so if you forget your PIN, you must create a new signature.

You can also assign a label to your signature so if you have multiples you can see the difference just the name of the signatures on your list. You can also share your signature with the rest of the company by checking the Share signature with company box. NOTE: For other users to be able to sign with your signature, they will need to know the 4-digit pin as well.

After saving your signature it will appear under the Choose tab of this window. Click on the signature to enter your PIN and apply it to the report.

If you need to delete your signature and upload or draw something new, click the three vertical dots next to your signature. You will be presented with the options to Rename, Mark as Shared, or Remove the signature.

When you sign the report, it indicates that you have finished your work. The report will be locked so that no further changes can be made to the report content. To continue working or if a signature was accidentally added, click Remove Signatures.

If you add a signature to your report, it will appear on the Signature page of your report accordingly in the "Appraiser" or "Supervisory Appraiser" field (depending on whether or not you selected Appraiser or Supervisor when applying your signature).

Please Note: Only two signatures can be applied to one Reports Now™ report. One appraiser signature, and one supervisor signature.

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