What is CompVault?

CompVault is a feature included in the Nexus form filling solution, that pre-fills data if you've used a sale before and allows you to share your comparables with your colleagues. Rest assured that your data is safe and securely stored.

How to Use CompVault

First we will explain how to save a comp to the vault. Start by going to the Comps tab in Nexus.

When a comp has been added, a Save to Vault button will appear just beneath the address. If you want to save this comp to the vault and share the details of this comp with your colleagues, click the button.

This particular comp is now saved to the company CompVault.

Now whenever you or someone else from your company is working on a report in Nexus and they create a new comp with the same address that was saved into the vault previously ("15 Mission St, San Francisco" for this example), it will show that there is a match in your vault.

CompVault has been designed with a smart search feature to help you find matches even easier! For example, if I enter "60 Mission St, San Francisco" or any other number with the same street and state, a match result may still appear.

Click on the tab that shows there is a match and the details for the matching comp will appear, including who saved it and when it was saved. To add the details for this saved comp to the report you're currently working on, select Apply.

In the Comps tab you will be able to see if any details have been applied from a CompVault match.

Please Note: If you go to the original comp that was saved and make adjustments, any new comps will not reflect the new data. They will stay consistent to the originally saved comp details.

For more information on adding and managing comparables in Nexus, click here.

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