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Collaborate with your teammates!
Collaborate with your teammates!

These revolutionary features are going to change the way your team works on reports.

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If you're working on a form in Reports Now™ and someone else from your team opens up the same report, you will be notified and be able to see the name of the user that has joined.

The initials for each user that has the report open in Reports Now will appear along the top of the screen.

Anow Pro Tip: If the user has their photo avatar uploaded into their Anow user profile, the photo will appear here instead of their initials.

If you and another teammate are working on the same report at the same time, you'll see any additions or changes they make in real-time! When they start to type on their device, you will see their name appear where they are typing on the form.

This makes working with colleagues on a report so much easier and more productive.

  • Duplicate data entry is reduced! Instead of multiple people filling out the same fields on a report (because they don't know someone else is already working on it), Reports Now works across multiple desktops and updates in real-time so you always see the most up to date version of the form.

  • Divide and conquer the workload! If you see someone else on your team already has a report open in Reports Now, send them a message to see if they have any relevant information they can add to the form to help speed up the process.

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