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Picklists: The Solution for Faster Form Filling
Picklists: The Solution for Faster Form Filling

Use the Picklist tools to apply common, recent, and custom responses to each field.

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What are Picklists?

Anow's Picklist items are automatic. This means you no longer have to manually add items for each field; we'll gather the most common and recently used responses for you.

Using Picklists: Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Fill out a report,

2. Open a new report and the Picklist Panel on the bottom right

3. See your responses!

It's very important to note that you must be the primary appraiser on the Anow order when the report is created in order for your responses to be added to your list.

You'll see which responses have been used the most often and what date they were used, so you can pick the best response for your needs.

Anow Pro Tip: Use Company Picklists to share your responses with your team to make form-filling even easier and more consistent.

Custom Picklist

1. Select the form field you want to create a custom list for.

2. Open the Picklist panel and choose the Custom Picklist option.

3. Add new custom items to the list. To note, you can also add a title to your custom Picklist.

4. Click the custom response you want to apply and it will appear in the selected form field automatically πŸŽ‰ You can apply these custom values to any reports going forward when the relevant field is selected on the form.

5. You can also clone a custom Picklist item. Once an item has been added to the Picklist, you will see an image of 2 pages beside your entry.

Selecting the copy function will add the text to your clipboard -

Now just select another field, and choose the add new Picklist button to save that information for use.

Please note the difference between Custom and My Picklist:

  • Custom Picklist is associated with the current user working on the report.

  • My Picklist is associated with the assigned appraiser on the order when the report is created.

You can contact our friendly support team via live chat or email if you have any further questions or concerns πŸ˜„

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