Available exclusively on UAD forms, Run Review gives you an overview of all outstanding errors and fields that require attention.

Click the "Run Review" button in the upper right corner of the screen to reveal the review panel.

Each item on the list represents a field or checkbox on the form that still needs attention. You'll see the field in question, along with a brief description of what is required to resolve the error.

Selecting an error message from the Run Review panel will take you to the relevant form page and form field so you can work your way through the list quickly, without having to track down each field on your own.

Please Note: If you click an error message from the list and it takes you to a new page of the form, you'll need to click on the same message again to activate the specific field.

When a field has been filled out properly, it will automatically be removed from the Run Review list, and the total number of errors will update.

Continue working through the list to complete your report 🎉

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