What are Data Layers?

Import information from an Anow workfile directly into your Reports Now™ report! Clone reports and import public records too.

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Import information from any of the following 4 sources, directly into your Reports Now™ report:

  • Anow Office

  • Import Public Records (available only on reports with a US address)

  • Clone a Report

  • Drop MISMO XML

To begin, click the Data Layers tab from the left of your Reports Now ™screen. Here you can choose to apply the selected data of your choice to the current report.

Anow Office

Pull in new data that was typed into the order in Anow after your Reports Now™ report was initially created.

You choose whether you want to import the new data into empty fields on your Reports Now™ form, or overwrite everything in the report with the data from the chosen source.

Import Public Records

Pull in public records data into an existing Reports Now™ report to help reduce data entry even further.

Please remember that searching for and importing public records data is only available on reports with a US subject address. We cannot guarantee that public records information will be available for every address.

Clone a Report

Pull in data from an existing report instead of having to start from scratch! Pick the report you want to clone and watch the details fall into place.

Cloning a report copies everything except the following:

  • Property Address

  • Longitude/Latitude

  • Parcel ID

  • Legal Description

  • Census Tract

  • Map Reference

  • Invoice Descriptions & Payments

  • Appraiser/Supervisor Signature

You can create a new Anow order use as a "template" to be easily cloned on future reports.


You can now upload a MISMO XML file. When clicking on Drop MISMO XML a window will open giving you access to your computer files.

Simply find the file of your choice and Open.

Once the XML is uploaded a new box will appear and you can then pull the data from the imported report.

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