Import information from any of the following 3 sources, directly into your Nexus report:

  • Anow Office
  • Mobile Inspection
  • Clone Report

To begin, click the Data Layers tab from the left of your Nexus screen. Here you can choose to apply the selected data of your choice to the current report.

Anow Office & Mobile Inspection

Pull in new data that was typed into the order in Anow after your Nexus report was initially created, or pull in new data gathered from the field via the Anow mobile app and inspection tool.

You choose whether you want to import the new data into empty fields on your Nexus form, or overwrite everything in the report with the data from the chosen source.

Clone a Report

Pull in data from an existing Anow Nexus report instead of having to start from scratch! Pick the report you want to clone and watch the details fall into place.

Anow Pro Tip: Create a new Anow order and Nexus report that you use as a template to be easily cloned on future Nexus reports.

Data Layers Panel

There is a Data Layer icon in the toolbar.

Click it to reveal a panel that shows you any data layers that have been applied to each form field.

For example, the Assessor's Parcel # field is selected and I can see that the value was added via the mobile app.

Please Note: If the value for a particular field was typed manually into Nexus, then there won't be any information to display in the panel.

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