What is CompAssist?

Learn more about comp adjustment calculators available in Reports Now™.

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Go to the Comps tab or a page of your report in Reports Now™, and click the calculator icon in the toolbar to open Comp Adjustment Settings.

You can set auto adjustments for Site, Age, GLA, Condition, and Quality fields. These adjustments will be calculated for you and displayed on the side-by-side comp viewer, as well as the comps pages of your report.

  • Threshold - The maximum amount of difference allowed between subject and comp property values before auto-adjustment calculations will be made.

  • Adjust $ / [Variable] - By how many dollars will the comp price be adjusted? The variable will either be sq. ft., unit, or year, depending on which field you're setting up adjustments for.

  • Adjustment Rounding - How specific you want the adjusted calculation to be, ranging from 1 to 1,000. This is typically set to 100.

When all the relevant fields are filled out and the adjustments have all been automatically calculated, the adjusted price of each comp will appear on the side-by-side comps view:

And on the Sales Comparison page(s) of your report:

How is Anow's calculator different from others?

Set it and forget it! Set up your adjustments one time in a template that can then be applied when you start, are in the middle of, or the end of filling out your comp grid details.

Step 1: Click "Manage Your Templates" from the adjustment settings window.

Step 2: Add a template name, fill out the adjustment settings, click the green "Create Adjustment Template" button:

Step 3: Back on the main adjustment settings window you will now see an option to apply the template you just created. Click save to apply the template.

Step 4: Fill out your comp grid and watch the magic happen as adjustments appear right before your eyes!

There are a couple important things to make note of:

  • You cannot use commas in the adjustment settings values.

  • You can disable all adjustment settings by clicking the "Disable" button at the bottom of the window, or disable specific fields by clicking the calculator icon and clicking the box for each eligible field.

Reach out to our support team if you have any further questions! 😀

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