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Import Public Records Data Into Reports Now™
Import Public Records Data Into Reports Now™

You can now import public records information to produce your report even quicker.

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Add public records on report creation

After clicking the Reports Now™ button on the order details page and choosing your report type, you'll be asked if you want to import public records data into this report. Keep the box checked if you want to import the data and continue creating the report as you usually would.

When the report has been created you'll see that the available public records information has been filled in throughout your report.

Please Note: Searching for and importing public records data is only available on reports with a US subject address. However we cannot guarantee that public records information will be available for every address.

Add public records after report creation

  1. Go to the Layers tab on the left

  2. Select "Public Records"

  3. Pick whether you want to merge only into empty fields, or overwrite everything in the report

  4. Any available information will be entered into your report 🎉

Anow Pro Tip: If you already imported public records but some of the information was manually changed or removed, you can re-apply the public records data by following the same 3 steps outlined above ☝️

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