Apply and Save Report Templates

Save the current state of your report so you can use it as a starting point for other reports going forward!

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There are a few important things to note about templates before you begin:

  • Templates can be applied when the report is initially being created.

  • There are two types of templates, Personal and Company. Templates you create will only be accessible by you. Templates shared to the Company section can be used by anyone in the company.

  • Templates are tied to report types. For example, if you built a new 1004 - Single Family Residential template in Reports Now, you will only be able to apply it to the same report type.

How to Create & Apply Templates in Reports Now

Step 1: Create a template

You can access templates two ways. When starting Reports Now from an order without an existing report click on template:

You can also access templates within a report:

Choose one of the existing templates to start with and Duplicate template:

Give the new template a title and click Duplicate when prompted:

Now you can edit the template as a draft:

You can edit the title:

Remove or add pages:

Complete any information that you use repeatedly and when you have the draft template ready to use Publish it:

If you'd like to share the template with other appraisers in your company, click Share Template:

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