There are a few important things to note about templates before you begin:

  • Templates can be applied when the report is initially being created, or to an existing report.

  • There are two types of templates, Personal and Company. Templates you save to the Personal section will only be accessible by you. Templates saved to the Company section can be used by anyone in the company.

  • Templates are tied to report types. For example, if you are building a new 1004 - Single Family Residential report in Nexus, you will only be able to apply templates that were created from the same report type.

How to Create & Apply Templates in Nexus

Step 1: Create a template

Open a report that has information filled out, that you want to save as a template. Then click the Template icon in the toolbar:

Choose if you want to save this as one of your Personal templates, or a Company template. You can also decide if you want to save the report data, report structure/pages, or both.

Enter the name you want for this template and save.

For this example I'm going to create a template based off this 1004 Desktop report that I've already filled out the standard information on.

Step 2: Create a brand new report & apply a template

Go to the order details page in Anow for an appraisal that hasn't had a report started yet, and choose the Nexus button. In the Nexus report builder, pick the report type. Whatever you pick here will determine which templates are available for you to use.

In this case my brand new Nexus report is also a 1004 Desktop, so I will see the template I just saved as an available option. Finish creating the report as normal.

Anow Pro Tip: Apply a template to an existing report anytime by clicking the Template icon from the toolbar.

Step 3: Watch as the data appears in your report & reduce data entry 🤩

When Nexus loads, you'll see the information from the applied template magically appear in your new report.

Edit, Update and Delete Existing Templates

Click the Templates icon from the toolbar to see and edit all of your saved Personal and Company templates.

  • To edit an existing template, Click the pencil icon. This will now bring up the Template Editor screen where you can search for any field in that form, and make the manual adjustments on the fly. When all edits are complete, click done!

  • If you want to replace an existing template, open the report you want to use as the new (updated) template, click the Templates icon, then choose Replace.

  • To delete a template, click the trash icon next to the template you wish to delete.

Want to learn more about Nexus? Click here!

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