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Customize Your Details List & Hide Empty Fields
Customize Your Details List & Hide Empty Fields

Learn how you can edit the available fields on your order details list.

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Go to My Preferences and click the Order Fields tab. Here you can organize and hide the active fields that appear in your details list on the Order Details Page and Quick View Panel. By default, all fields will be active.

Drag and drop fields to rearrange the order in which they will appear.

Click the red "x" to hide a field altogether. You can add hidden fields back to the active list anytime by selecting the green "+".

To save your settings or reset back to default click one of the two buttons at the bottom right.

Just below the list settings there is a preview of what your details list will look like.

Now when you go to the Order Details Page or Quick View Panel for any appraisal in Anow, you'll see the details list in the order you selected with any "hidden" fields no longer being shown.

Please note that you can select the wheel icon to customize your detail list settings.

Anow Pro Tip: Use the Hide Empty button to quickly remove any active fields that haven't been set. Once hidden, you can easily click Show All to reveal all active fields again.

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