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Anow Connect Settings: Guest Orders
Anow Connect Settings: Guest Orders

Decide if you want to allow Guest orders, and if Guest orders will require payments.

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Visit your Anow Connect Settings page and look for the Guest Ordering Settings option.

You'll be redirected to a new page where you can turn on specific order settings:

  • Allow Guest Orders - If you have this turned on, people won't have to create a free Anow Connect Client account in order to place orders with you online.

  • Require Credit Card for Guests - Require guests to input credit card information before they can submit an online order. Users can rest assured that details are safely and securely stored.
    Please Note: This setting☝️ can only be turned on if the previous setting (Allow Guest Orders) has been turned on as well.

When a toggle is green, that means the setting is activated/enabled.

Changes made to these settings will automatically save and be reflected on your Anow Connect Order Form going forward. These settings can be adjusted anytime.

Learn more about all of the Anow Connect Settings in further detail ➡️. 📚

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