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Work Files: Store images, PDFs, XMLs, and other attachments
Work Files: Store images, PDFs, XMLs, and other attachments

All of your report files in one place. Easily access, preview, download, and delete attachments in Reports Now™.

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When you select the Work Files icon from the toolbar in any open Reports Now™ report, all uploads for that particular report will automatically appear. You can also upload files from your computer right into Work Files so all the critical information you need is in one place.

Please Note: As you continue adding images and other files to this report, the Work Files window will continue to update with the new uploads automatically.

Work Files Icon

Work Files Window

Here you can easily preview, delete, and download files. Hover over any of the tiles to see these options.

  • The eye icon lets you preview the upload.

  • Click the arrow icon to download.

  • Delete an upload with the trash icon.

You can also download

In an area of your report where an image can be placed but nothing is currently uploaded, you can select an image directly from Work Files.

Step 1: Click "Pick from work files" on any image placeholder

Step 2: Hover over the image you want and click "Select"

Step 3: The selected image immediately appears in your report 🎉

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