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Visualize Every Order With Your Online Portal
Visualize Every Order With Your Online Portal

See your appraisals organized in a beautifully designed kanban board or list view.

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Login to your portal at to see all of your current and completed orders in Anow, request new orders, and manage your appraisal network.

See the status of every order and all of the associated details with an easy-to-read kanban board.

Orders are grouped by the following statuses:

  • New

  • Accepted / To Be Scheduled

  • Scheduled

  • Inspection Complete

  • Report Uploaded

Clicking on any of the individual appraisals will reveal a slide-out panel with more details about that order including an overview, any messages, attached files, invoices, and more.

You can also choose to see this information in a list view if that’s your preference. All of the order statuses and details available in the board view will also be included in the list view. Toggle between the icons near the left of the screen to switch views.

If there’s a certain order you’re looking for, you can use the search bar to narrow down the results shown.

Take things a step further and group appraisals by location (city, state) or company name:

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