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How Your Appraisal Reviews Are Completed Faster With Anow
How Your Appraisal Reviews Are Completed Faster With Anow

Speed up the Review process with automatic rules and custom checklists. Protect your Reviews and make sure every item is dealt with.

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The appraisal review process shouldn’t be tedious or time-consuming; you need to be able to focus on delivering a solid product to your customers in a timely manner.

Here's a look at how Reviews are processed using Anow technology:

To start, the Reviewer will be assigned to an order and the file requiring a review will be uploaded. XML and PDF files can be uploaded directly into Anow with an associated Review Type. This keeps your orders up-to-date (so you’re always in the loop), and allows the assignee to begin the smart review process.

Please Note: If you need a new Review Type / Review Checklist added to Anow, please contact our support team for further assistance.

Now this order will appear with a Review status and can be found on the QC Dashboard for the assignee to easily track it down. As the review progresses, the status will continue to update accordingly.

The reviewer can open the report in the side-by-side PDF/checklist viewer, where they have to approve each item in the checklist before the review can be considered complete, ensuring all of your requirements are met. Items can be marked as Critical, a Warning, or fully Approved.

This intuitive side-by-side PDF and XML Checklist Viewer allows for faster review completion.

Using advanced routing algorithms and automated XML review tools, full appraisal reports can be delivered back within 48 hours of ordering. Make your appraisal reviews easier, faster, more accurate, and better organized 👍 ✅

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