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The Easy Way To Process Borrower Payments
The Easy Way To Process Borrower Payments

Process credit card payments from Borrowers online.

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When an appraisal is requested, credit card information can be stored in the online order form for easy collections by the appraiser/AMC later on.

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On the final page of the online ordering form, there is a button that allows payment information to be entered and saved:

A window will appear asking that the card number, expiry date, and CVC be added. The name of the credit card can be added as well, but this is optional.

To enter credit card details for this particular order only and not save the details for future use, check off the "Do not remember credit card" box. The green button will update from saying "Save card" to "Use card."

When a card has been added but not saved, a message will appear saying that the card information has been entered for a one-time use. In other words, it has not been saved for future orders.

When a card has been entered and saved, it will appear like this:

After the order has been accepted, the assigned appraiser can begin work on the order in Anow as normal. When the order is completed and/or payment is ready to be collected, they can then click the Collect Payments button on the details page for that appraisal. This will automatically trigger the process.

A history of attempted payment collections will appear in this same section for future reference:

When payments have successfully be processed, a notification will be sent out including a receipt for the order.

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