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What is the Reports Now™ Precheck tool?
What is the Reports Now™ Precheck tool?

Make your appraisal reports bulletproof and reduce the risk of revisions!

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The Reports Now™ Precheck is an automated appraisal scoring tool that instantly identifies outstanding issues in appraisal reports with an overall score for your reports. Ensure your appraisal reports are in top shape before being uploaded and reduce unnecessary revision requests.

The cost for each report you precheck is 200 Anow Credits.

It's simple to run a precheck on your appraisal reports

First you'll want to go to the details page for the order you want, then scroll to the bottom of the page where you attach files and final reports. Click RUN REPORT PRECHECK.

Upload your XML file here to perform a report precheck 👇

You will also see here that this precheck costs 200 Anow Credits. Click here for more information on buying credits for your account.

Once your report precheck is complete and your score has been calculated, a window will appear showing you your results. From here you can easily attach the file to your Anow workfile, or upload it as the final report if you're happy with the precheck results. You can choose to continue working on the report if you see issues that require attention.

You can also revisit past results you've run by selecting View Preview Results on the main window when you select "Run Report Precheck".

Still want to learn more? Click here for further information on Anow Credits.

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