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Edit Your Coverage Area In Anow By Zip Code
Edit Your Coverage Area In Anow By Zip Code

Find out how you can narrow down your coverage area by choosing specific zip codes.

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How to add your coverage area and edit by zip code:

  • Login to Anow, click your initials in the upper right corner and choose “Users”.

  • Click the user profile you want to add a coverage area for.

  • Select the “Coverage” tab on the user profile.

  • Add coverage areas for this user (Country, State/Province, County).

  • To edit each area by individual zip codes, click a region you've added to reveal a new window where you can search, add and remove zip codes within the selected area.

  • Simply add or remove the zip codes you want to include/exclude in your coverage area. Here's an example of what this window looks like when all zip codes are included:

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