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How to access your Stripe account & what's on the dashboard?
How to access your Stripe account & what's on the dashboard?

Read this article to find out where you can find Stripe notifications and edit your Stripe account information.

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If you’ve signed up to participate in the Appraisal Direct program and your Payout information has been entered, you can check your Stripe account for further details on the appraisals you’ve been paid for through the Appraisal Direct program.

First, let’s do a quick refresh on the fees associated with Appraisal Direct orders:

There is a platform fee of $15 per order plus payment processing fees of 2.9% + 30 cents.

To access your Stripe account for the first time, begin by going to Enter the email you used when setting up your Payout details.

The password field will be locked and you will be prompted to enter the verification code sent to the phone number on your account. You’ll receive a text shortly!

Next, enter the verification code sent to your phone/mobile device to access your account and login!

If you've already logged into Stripe before, simply enter your email and password to access your dashboard.

Now we will show you some commonly used tools available within your Stripe account:

  • Notifications from Stripe

    • Click the bell icon near the top of the screen to see your notifications.

  • Communication with Stripe support

    • Type "support" into the search bar and click "Search the Support site":

    • Click "Contact support" towards the right of the screen.

    • Select "Payouts" as the topic, then you will have the option to chat with support or have someone from Stripe support call you!

  • Edit and save your Stripe account information

    • Click on the settings wheel near the top of the window.

    • Select "Account details" under the "Business settings" section.

    • Here you can edit/update and save your account details!

      • Pro Tip: You can find your Stripe account ID in the top right of your Account details page.

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