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Access your Stripe EXPRESS Account & Navigation Tips!
Access your Stripe EXPRESS Account & Navigation Tips!
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If you’ve signed up to participate in the Appraisal Direct program and your Payout information has been entered, you can check your Stripe Express account for further details on the appraisals you’ve been paid for through the Appraisal Direct program.

First, let’s do a quick refresh on the fees associated with Appraisal Direct orders:

There is a platform fee of $15 per order plus payment processing fees of 2.9% + 30 cents.

Now we will show you some commonly used tools available within your Stripe account:

To begin, go to and login.

On the home page under the "Payout and professional details" header, click Anow Direct settings.

Here you can edit:

  • Business details

  • Management and ownership details

  • Payout details (edit banking information)

  • Team members

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