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Deliver XML Final Reports to UWM (For Trial & Portal-Only Users)
Deliver XML Final Reports to UWM (For Trial & Portal-Only Users)
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How to deliver the final report from Anow

  1. Login to your account and go to the Order Details page for the appraisal you’re working on.

  2. Scroll down on the details screen and look for the Final Report area:

  3. Drag and Drop your XML file or click the green Upload Report button to select the desired file.

  4. Once you select the XML file to be uploaded, a report review will automatically run for you, notifying you of any hard stops on your report.
    ** Please note that there may be a wait time of up to 2 minutes while the review is running on your report.

  5. Make any necessary adjustments, then click SUBMIT REPORT to deliver it when you're ready!

Anow Pro Tip: To submit your final report after it's been uploaded and validated in Anow, go to the Final Report area and click the 3 dots next to your XML file. Select Deliver Report and it will be sent to the client on file:

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