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Set Inspection/Appointment Date (For Trial & Portal-Only Users)
Set Inspection/Appointment Date (For Trial & Portal-Only Users)

Learn how to set or reschedule an inspection in Anow!

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Need to set an inspection appointment?

Start by going to the details page for the appraisal you want to set an inspection date and time for.

Next, click Schedule A Time under the Inspection area:

Enter the date, time, and duration of the inspection. Click Save when you're ready.

The details page will automatically update to reflect the set inspection date, and the client will automatically be notified in the Portal as well.

The progress bar at the top of the details page will immediately show that the inspection has been scheduled, along with the time of the inspection.

Need to reschedule an inspection?

Simply click the green Reschedule text in the Inspection area to confirm the rescheduling, and choose a new date and time. Please note that this update will be sent back to the client.

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