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Find your Payout Breakdown Receipts in Anow! (For Trial & Portal-Only Users)
Find your Payout Breakdown Receipts in Anow! (For Trial & Portal-Only Users)
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You will now be able to view the breakdown of fees on each order you've completed for UWM.

**There is a platform fee of $15 per order plus payment processing fees of 2.9% + 30 cents.

Once your payout information is set up and you've completed an order by uploading the final report (and finishing any required revisions), you will get paid and you can review the details of each payment.

To confirm that you have gotten paid, you can check the Activity section on the lower right of the order details page and look for the "A payment was made" line item:

Under the Payment section on the order details page, you'll see a Transfer receipt.pdf document attached. Click the file to download the full invoice details including:

  • Report amount

  • Platform fee

  • Processing fees

  • Net amount

We also have the Payout History option to track and view all orders that have received a payout from UWM. This great feature can be found in the admin-only Integrations tab, in the Payouts section. Click the "Payouts History" button to reveal your data.

  • Filter Payout results by date.

  • See the Address, Transfer Date, Amount, Anow Tech Fee, Stripe Processing Fee, and Net Fee on every Payout.

  • Export your results into a CSV file!

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