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Get Started with the Reports Now™ Inspection Tool!
Get Started with the Reports Now™ Inspection Tool!

Work on inspections right in the Reports Now™ writer!

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Perform an Inspection

Login to your Anow account and choose the order you want to start working from the main dashboard. Once the details page loads, click the Reports Now™ icon towards the top of the page. Chose your template/report type and when you're within the report, click Create Inspection at the top right:

Click Create Inspection again and you will see the Welcome page. Click Let's Begin!:

The next page will help you get prepared to perform the inspection. When you have all that you need, click I'm Ready!:

This is the main page where you can complete various aspects of the inspection.


Additional Subject Information

Anow Pro Tip: Remember to click Save before leaving!











Inspection Preview

Anow Pro Tip: The Inspection Preview will show you all of the information that you have entered and you can send the preview to a printer or save it as a PDF file for your records. Client Print at the top!

Once an inspection has been started, the button will change from Create to Open Inspection. Once it has been submitted the button will change to Inspection Available. Click to access.

You can bring the data from your inspection into the report after submission. Click Inspection Available, Apply Data:

Choose whether to merge the data into empty fields in the report, or overwrite everything in my report:

Images, including sketches, will be saved to the report's Work Files section:

Anow Pro Tip: Need to quickly jump back to the report? Click the menu on the main inspection page:

And select View Report Details:

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