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How to add an appraisal quickly
How to add an appraisal quickly

Learn how to use the 'Quick Add' which allows you to add a new appraisal quickly from anywhere in the app.

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The best part about using the Quick Add is you can add an appraisal from anywhere in the application, and it will not interrupt what you're doing! This can be very useful for entering a ton of orders in at once and trying to get them into the system quickly. Also ideal if you're on the phone with someone and want to quickly enter the details without scrolling or leaving the page.

To get to the quick add, click the green lightning bolt button and a modal will pop up. Just like the new appraisal page, only two fields are required:

  1. The address

  2. Who ordered the report.

The rest of the information is simply additional and you can skip it if you wish. To add your appraisal, click Add Property. If you have multiple you are entering, click the button on the left Save and Add Another.

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