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How do I sync/connect my Anow Calendar & Outlook Calendar?
How do I sync/connect my Anow Calendar & Outlook Calendar?

Get your 2-way calendar updates in 4 seconds or less!

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Exciting new updates to the calendar section allow you to easily connect Anow to your Outlook Calendar in just seconds. And bonus - it's now a 2-way sync!

Start by going to your ANOW Calendar. 

On the right of the screen, there are 3 tabs. Click on the 3rd tab - 'Filter'.

Near the bottom where you see the Google and Outlook 365 icons, click the button that says Connect Calendar.

You will be redirected to a User page. Click on your user account to open the details and then click the Integrations tab.

Here you'll see the yellow Connect button that allows you to begin the sync for the 365 Calendar

After you click Connect, a pop up will appear prompting you to choose which account to connect, and it may ask you to login. Follow the prompts and click the blue Yes icon to continue.

Login to your Outlook 365 Calendar and make sure the Anow Calendar option under your calendars has been checked off.

Once the Anow Calendar has been checked off in Outlook, you'll see Anow appointments appear. You have access to appointment location and time information, and you can also edit appointments from Outlook to have it update in Anow!

If you go to your Anow Calendar, you will see new appointments that have synced over from your Outlook 365 Calendar. The blue Outlook logo signifies that the appointment appearing in Anow is one that was sent over from Outlook 365. 

You can remove the sync anytime by going back to the Integrations tab and clicking the red Remove button. 

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