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Selecting Multiple Dates / Agenda View in Calendar
Selecting Multiple Dates / Agenda View in Calendar

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A cool new feature of the Anow calendar is selecting multiple dates at once. You can do this on both the Main calendar as well as the mini calendar on the side panel.

1) Start by going to your Anow Calendar.

2) Make sure you are on the Month view (Month should be highlighted green.)

3) Click on the day you wish to start the range, then drag along the days you want to select. The days you select should highlight in blue. (See screenshot below).

4) On the right side panel, make sure the tab Agenda is highlighted. All the events within the days you have selected with then be listed in order in your Agenda view. They will be sorted by date, and list events by appraiser. You can set your filters in the Filter tab if you would like to hide certain events, like private events or due dates. The possibilities are endless!

Mini Calendar

You can do this same thing on the mini calendar! Simply click on the date you want, and drag across to select multiple days. The agenda will reflect these days same as above.

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