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How do I see everyone's schedule on my calendar?
How do I see everyone's schedule on my calendar?

Viewing your users calendars as an admin

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Did you log into the calendar and feel like you're not seeing everything you should be? If you want to see all your user's/appraisers/staff calendars, including all appointments, due dates and private events, follow the instructions below.

Only users with admin privileges will be able to see Calendars that don't belong to them.

Start by going to your ANOW Calendar. 

On the right of the screen, there are 3 tabs. Click on the 3rd tab - 'Filter'.

Under the heading USERS - there is a blue button to the right that says 'Show All'. This will show everyone's calendars.

To view only one specific appraiser, or multiple, start typing their name into the box and click enter. Any filters you select will reflect on all aspects of the calendar.

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