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How do I generate an invoice?
How do I generate an invoice?
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To get started, look for the Fees & Costs section on the right side of the details page. Next, click the blue Generate PDF Invoice button.

This will take you to the invoice creator. Here you will see all of the information that was drawn from your order automatically, as well as fields for you to enter any other important details. 

  • The Billed To section draws the information of your Ordered By client.

  • The Invoice Number (File Number) and Client Reference Number are pulled from the Appraisal Details page. 

  • The Date of Issue automatically chooses today’s date, but can be changed. 

  • You may also set the Invoice Due Date here.

  • The Property Address and Owner information are also pulled from the Appraisal Details page. 

The Invoice Line Items are pulled from the Fees & Costs section, and can all be adjusted if needed. You can also add additional items as you wish. There are fields for you to enter the Tax % or dollar amount, as well as the Amount Paid, which is very useful if you have gotten a partial payment or deposit.

In the Notes section, you can add anything you wish. Below that, you will see your Tax Registration #, which is also pulled from your Company Settings Profile.

When you are ready to generate your invoice, simply click on the Generate PDF INVOICE button on the bottom right.

A new tab or window in your web browser will now appear, containing a copy of the invoice you have just created. You will also be able to see that Invoice attached to your appraisal under the Attached Files section for that order.

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