The Fees & Costs section now supports negative numbers, and you can easily log all deposits or partial payments made by your clients! These amounts will automatically be deducted from the Receivables amount.

To get started with either a discount or partial payment, click on an appraisal from your Dashboard, and check out the Fees & Costs section on the right of the screen.

To add a discount:

Create a new line item by clicking the green + Add Fee button (see photo). 

Enter the discount name, make sure the dollar amount has a '-' in front of it, and make sure that you've selected "Yes" for Bill Client. 

Then click Save. You will see that your Receivables, Invoice Totals and Outstanding Balance amounts have been updated to reflect the discount. These numbers will also be calculated properly when you generate an invoice!

To add a partial payment or deposit:

Once you've clicked on an appraisal from your Dashboard, select the green + Add Payment button under the Fees & Costs section (see photo).

Next, enter the description you would like to see for your partial payment, the payment or deposit amount, the date the payment was made, and the method of payment used. It's very important that you click Save

Once you have saved the details for your payment or deposit, you will see the Report Fee and Outstanding Balance amounts update to reflect the information you just entered. These numbers will also be taken into account when you generate an invoice!

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