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Setting up a custom Workflow/Task Template
Setting up a custom Workflow/Task Template
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Start by going to the Company Settings page. If you don't have access to this page, you will have to ask an admin to do this for you.

Scroll down until you find the heading:

We provide a template already created, "Anow Template", which you can easily modify (change the order of the tasks, description, color, name, etc).

You can also create your own template. To do this, start by:

1) Entering a name of your new template. Then click +Add. I named mine "Anow Workflow".

2) Now find your template in your template list. Click on it to start creating your workflow.

3) On the second column, start by naming your first Task. Mine is Call for Appointment. Then click + Add.

It will automatically be added to the list with a default color. To change the color (so each task will have a different color), click on the task. To the right is where you can edit the name, select a different color, and add a description. You can also set this task to automatically complete when an action is done. In this case, if I set an appointment on my appraisal, it makes sense that this task Call for Appointment would automatically be checked off since I have clearly called. See screenshot below to see this in action.

4) When you are done updating this task, be sure to save your changes. This will apply the changes for that task, and you can then continue adding tasks to your template.

Setting your Default Template

To set your default template (so when you create a new appraisal, this workflow is automatically set), start by hovering over the template you want on the list. Click the star until it darkens to grey. A star will then appear to the left of that template. And that's all you need to do!

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